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Sledgehockey Wheel Kit

After a few test runs we’ve completed the basis design for two types of Sledgehockey wheel kits. The small and the medium width. We are now creating 4 complete kits so we can do a test run in full game mode. If both kits survive this test we will create a extra width version for starters and go to a factory and create a shop version.

Soon more info

First demo video Wheel Sledgehockey

Sledgehockey sticks for wheel sledge.

We now use half a puck because everything else we’ve tried has a short living period and cost to much. With the half puck it’s cheap and easy to fix yourself.

Protection for the sledgehockey wheel game

Glove protection when using the wheel kit outside your gloves are getting the worst treatment you can imagine. But with stick tape you can protect your gloves. Apply on all the fingers. (Instruction and Pictures soon.)